The Transformative Power of Hatha Yoga

As people age, they are increasingly turning to yoga to keep them young in body, mind and spirit. Many doctors now recommend yoga as therapy as a unique means of optimizing health at an individual level. Whether for the energy to keep up with the grand kids, the strength and flexibility to garden, hike or play golf; or just a general sense of well-being, yoga is the elixir of life.

While the natural aging process cannot be halted, yoga offers away to slow it down, boost wellness, and rebuild our precious energy reserves.

You are invited to attend Sierra Senior Yoga classes where you can discover yoga is the beginning of all things, wonder, hope and a dream of all possibilities. Experience the benefits and the healing power of movement. Join us at Sierra Senior Yoga to learn how the transformative power of yoga is within your grasp to gain a healthier aging process. Discover the power of Hatha Yoga.

Come Experience How To:

  • Improve balance and coordination to help reduce the risk of falling
  • Keep the spine and joints flexible
  • Improve agility and increase the range of motion
  • Build better bone strength
  • Improve memory and boost overall immunity
  • Improve deeper more restful sleep
Hatha Yoga

Lynn Beteag, RYT
Registered Hatha Yoga Teacher

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About the Instructor


Lynn Beteag

Lynn is in her early 60's and recently achieved her life time goal of receiving her Hatha Yoga Certification (RYT 200 hrs). Her energy and passion for yoga is infectious and motivates her students of all ages. Lynn was a corporate real estate executive for 30+ years, working for fortune 500 companies, traveling all over Canada and the United States.

Teaching yoga and sharing her passion is a second career for her which is "a dream come true." She understands the importanceofgaining and maintaining our balance, strength and flexibility, as we age. Medical research on aging has clearly shown that without proper exercise, the body contracts and we lose height, become stiff and lose our range of motion. Movement through yoga asanas(postures) lubricates our muscles, ligaments and joints, by stretching, strengthening, and balancing each part. Lynn designs asanas(postures) sequencing specifically for her students so they can discover how to increase their well-being and lead them on a path to healthy aging. Join us at Sierra Senior yoga to experience the gifts of Hatha yoga. I look forward to personally meeting you soon.


Lynn Beteag

Lynn Beteag, RYT
Sierra Senior Yoga